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Windows Phone is famous by its smooth Windows OS. The new feature of Windows phone’s security, the UI tiles update, all of these functions make the users interested and excited. Even that, Windows phone’s market share is keeping decreasing. Why? Windows 10 mobile first was announced to come in July 2015, and then, October…November…December……. Finally, this year February my phone finally updated. So unlike Android or iOS, Windows phone failed at communication between their own marketing and the technical support. Besides, Windows Phone includes so fewer apps in its app store. Many of them have urgent needs to find the alternative to Windows Phone app store. Maybe you can endure the numerous failure of technical update, but cannot accept the disappointment of app enjoy. So more and more users choose to use Android phone.

However, the issue is still here. What if you miss the experience of Windows Phone stubbornly?


Thus how to get through this dilemma situation? Is the only solution that getting Windows Phone and Android both? No! Just get this best alternative to Windows Phone on Android to resolve all the problems. Launcher 8 is an app which can turn your Android phone into a Windows Phone. You can enjoy the complete Windows phone experience on a Android phone.

Let’s move to see the details.

First, look at the UI. Launcher 8 provides the very similar UI as Windows phone. Into it, you can also change the different themes on your phone. It gives you the feeling that you just played on a Window phone virtually. After you install it, it is shown as following picture.


Second, you can enjoy all the personization features. You can edit the tiles on the interface, add a new tile/widget/shortcut, change the wallpaper and set the lockscreen, etc.

Also, it has the most interesting part - edit unique theme as you will. You can either download from the Launcher 8 theme store or create your own theme for using.


Launcher 8 tries to provide every exciting update to meet the needs of customization. Giving some support and communication, it will make it amazing app. Wanne have a try? Download it now.


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