How to Get VIP Code As Launcher 8 PRO Users

2016-11-21 17:03   Started by Amy [Quick reply]

As Launcher 8 team mentioned before, there is an option for those Launcher 8 PRO users to get 1-year VIP code with free on the new Launcher 8 version. As Launcher 8 VIP contains many new features, it’s highly recommended to get into this article and continually enjoy the VIP right.


How to Get VIP Code As Launcher 8 PRO Users?

The how-to is pretty simple, just follow the step-by-step guide to finish the task.

Step 1. Go to sign in with your Google play account. Check the transaction ID field of your payment for Launcher 8 PRO. Keep the screenshot of this page. Just like the picture shown below:

transaction id.jpg

Step 2. Install the new Launcher 8 version on your Android phone from Google play:

Or download Launcher 8 apk. file directly from the website.

Step 3. Sign up with your social account like Facebook or Twitter. Create a nickname and then give a screeshot of this user’s page which is including the User ID.

user id.jpg


Send these two screenshots of Launcher 8 to our customer service email: And Launcher 8 team will give a steady transition to your VIP right.


By the way, VIP right includes many fabulous functions which you cannot enjoy within the normal basic version, like ads blocking, all themes and wallpapers free downloading, also creating Win10 theme with 1-tab, etc. So, upgrading to the VIP, you can have more fun in it.

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