How to Transform Any Android Phone into Windows Phone

2016-12-26 17:14   Started by Amy [Quick reply]

Nobody will doubt that Windows phone has the marvelous operating system among all the smartphone. The attractive outlook and smooth performance make Windows phone unique and special. However, the poor share market has made Windows phone very embarrassing. What’s more embarrassing? The people who are fond of Windows phone UI tends to choose Android operating system based phone. Even that, they still want to find the best Windows phone alternative to enjoy. In this article, we will try to guide you how to make Windows phone display on your Android device.


At the very beginning, you should know the amazing tool we will provide for help: Launcher 8 with Windows phone style UI on Android. You can easily put Windows phone tiles, folders, and other unique functions on your Android device with just one click. Please be assured that the app will not do any harm to your device, no need of rooting.


After downloading the apk file on your Android phone, you can install and run it immediately. Now you can see that your Android phone has become your beloved Windows phone UI displaying.


Inside this Launcher 8, you can free change the icon of each tile on the homescreen. Also, Launcher 8 team has designed different series of icon packages for you to use. You can get into the featured icon store for more. 


Meanwhile, you can edit the corresponding tile’s icon according to your own requirements. The best method must be that you download a set of special icons from other free resource and apply with them on your Android phone.


At the same time, you can create your own theme on the phone. You can either download and apply the theme from Theme Store or edit the theme and make it unique. Here you can refer to some attractive themes in Launcher 8.


Another advantage of using Launcher 8 is that you won’t hurt your original Android operating system compared with the changing Android to Windows 8 OS method. If you really want to use the real Windows phone operating system, you can check the detailed guide in How to Put Windows Phone on Android Phone.


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