How to Put Windows on Android Phone

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Maybe you like Windows experience very much. And what’s more, you need to install the Windows operating system on your Android smartphone or tablet. Woohoo! Isn’t it very cool? But how could it be possible since they have total different operating systems? Here we will introduce 2 ways for you to put Windows on your Android phone: Install Windows 8 OS on your Android & use Launcher 8 app on your phone.


Way 1: Install Real Windows 8 OS on Android with Change My Software

Instead of changing the theme and UI into Windows with a launcher, you can choose to install the genuine Windows OS into your phone. Despite the little complicated steps of doing this thing, it’s really interesting.

First, get these things prepared;

1. Android phone full charged;

2. High-speed internet connection;

3. Download Change My Software;

4. USB cable to connect your phone to PC;

Then get ready to install Windows 8 operating system on your phone.

1. To get started, go to the “Settings” on your phone’s menu;

2. Move to click on “Developer options”. Tick on “USB debugging” to allow your computer to access and make change to your phone;

3. According to your own needs, choose the best Windows edition version to get downloaded; Keep the rar.file on your computer.


4. Follow the on-screen prompts to install Change My Software on your PC. This program will launch automatically when the installation has completed.

5. Here continue to choose the default language on your phone. Windows driver download immediately.

6. Install the Windows driver on your phone. Here you can choose to “Remove Android” if you don’t want to run dual-boot systems.

7. The Windows OS installation will be done on your Android phone.

8. Your phone will reboot automatically after the installation. You can either use Windows or Android on your device.


Remember that you can go back to your original version of Android operating system if you have any problem in using Windows version. Reconnect the Android phone to your PC and launch “Change My Software”, select “Restore to original condition” option on the main menu.

Way 2: Put Windows on Android with Launcher 8

Or if you don’t want to break the original and genuine Android operating system, the best choice is to get the perfect Windows phone launcher on your Android phone. Launcher 8 is the right one for you, which can make your Android phone change into a Windows phone in one click. With this amazing app, your Android will be covered by Windows phone tiles and folders. Yeah, it’s with total Windows phone experience.


First, download Launcher 8. Install and open it on your phone. Just launch it, your Android will be a Windows phone.


Inside, you can free change any settings of Launcher 8. Also, you are able to create your own unique theme with Windows 8 or Windows 10 style or any other styles.

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Either way you choose, you can put Windows on your Android phone.


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