How to Use Launcher 8 for Android

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Launcher 8 is famous for the Windows phone experience on an Android. Meanwhile, it is featured with its customization inside the tool. Understanding every corner of it, you can definitely make no stop in searching more and more. Here, follow us to see the detailed how-tos in using Launcher 8 for Android.


After downloading and installing Launcher 8 on your Android phone, find the Launcher 8 icon on the menu and open it.


It’s highly recommended to check in the Permission settings for a better experience of Launcher 8.

set done.jpg

After setting done, the reminder of setting Launcher 8 to be the default launcher will pop up. Here we tick “Now”. 

Now, we have the full Windows phone UI on the Android phone. Inside, we can free edit in every aspect. And make one unique Launcher 8 theme. Right-slide on the homescreen, we can review all the features in it. “Edit” is for editing tiles and folders. Or you can choose one tile to edit by long tapping and click the left-right corner button. In this part, you can set the tile icon, size, bound app, and background. Also, you can edit the text on the corresponding tile.

edit tile.jpg

Then, move to the “Add” part, you can one click to add new tile, app list, shortcut, custom widget, or folder. 

add feature.jpg

And if you are the newer to use Launcher 8, it’s easy for you to wander in Theme store and apply one creative one to decorate your phone. In the Theme store, you can choose in different styles of themes and get one. Meanwhile, it’s available for you to upload your own featured theme to others.

theme store.jpg

Here we go to the next part of wallpaper settings. You can choose the Wallpaper and choose one to set from your local images or the wallpaper store.


After these, check how to use HomeScreen Settings feature. You can get general setting, lockscreen setting, app list settings, and more.

homescreen settings.jpg

Last, we will introduce the VIP part. It’s for those who have paid for the special service. After enabling this feature, you can enjoy the following privileges: create Win10 theme with one tab, use featured icons and fonts, enjoy ads-free version, get pictures of intruders, free download themes and wallpapers. Other ones are to be continued.



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