Top Creative Themes for Launcher 8

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Customizing your Android Home Screen with widgets and themes may be the most attractive part in the journey of enjoying your smartphone. As known, the default Android operating system is just default, you have not enough room for further developing the outlook of your phone. However, Launcher 8 can provide the best solution to you.


Features of Launcher 8

1. Get Windows on Android. The biggest feature of Launcher 8 must be that you can change your boring Android default into a Windows phone in one click.

2. Customization. You are allowed to change your phone into every way you’d like it to be. With Launcher 8, you can get unique, also countless themes and styles.


Top Creative Themes in Launcher 8

Here shares the wonderful and attractive themes for you to enjoy on Launcher 8. If you need to download Launcher 8 first, keep the apk. file on your phone.

1. Happy Halloween

It’s created to celebrate Halloween day. All of the funny or scary elements are included in the icon package: witches, masks, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, graves, and dark sky.

The witches, monsters, and zombies are haunted with this NEW thing. Wanna have a try on your phone?


2. Windows 10 Style

Like its name, this theme is focused on how to get Windows style to your Android phone. After downloading and applying this Windows 10 theme, you can also custmoize your ideal Windows style theme.


3. Spiderman Theme

This theme is based on the image of hero Spiderman. On the HomeScreen, you can see the cutting parts of the full image. Each part is bound with the corresponding background image. You may not want to change the default picture.


If you still want to find more interesting WP theme in Launcher 8, check the Launcher 8 theme store.

Also, you can create your own personalized theme with us. Share it and make it applied on other’s phone.


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